Modeling Papers

Understanding Evolutionary Societal Decision-making for Sustainable Social Systems Engineering Purposes (2020). Dana Polojärvi, Pascal Gambardella, and John Hayward. INCOSE International Symposium 30, no. 1: 981-1000. Here is the free version.

Modeling Psychological and Sociological Dynamics. Gambardella, P. J., & Lounsbury, D. (2017). The slides of a workshop we presented at the International Conference of the System Dynamics Society on July 20, 2017. PDF

A Co-flow Structure for Goal-directed Internal Change. Gambardella, P. J., D. E. Polk, D.W. Lounsbury, and R.L Levine. Systems Dynamics Review, Volume 33, No. 1, pages 34 – 58 (January/March 2017). A free version of this paper is available at the US National Library of Medicine website. An example of this co-flow structure appears in the “Modeling Psychological and Sociological Dynamics” workshop slides.

Exploring Why Neuro-Semantics Works, from Models to Meta-Coaching. Gambardella, P. J., NLP Acuity, Volume 5, pages 46-58 (April 2016). PDF.

Enhancing Estimation with Neuro-Semantic NLP. Gambardella, P. J., NLP Acuity, Volume 5, 70-84 (April 2016). PDF.

Interest Rates and Inflation: A Simple Model Predicting Interest Rate Behavior, Coopersmith, M. and P. Gambardella (2016). PDF  

Corporate Training Dynamics and Insights.  Gambardella, P.J., Wainwright, C.,  Jones-Kelleher, Helen (2013). Paper presented at the International Conference of the System Dynamics Society. PDF of Paper,   PDF of the Presentation. 

Application of Strategy Dynamics: Starbucks Corporation. Gambardella, P.J. (2009). Paper presented at the International Conference of the System Dynamics Society. PDF of Paper, PDF of the Presentation.

EXERCISE EXCHANGE: “I Trust Myself”, December (1985).  Singh,  Tarn Taran and Pascal Gambardella. Newsletter of the National Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming. PDF.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming on Trial, P.J. Gambardella, Lyle Chub, Melanie Rawlins & Martin Brossman III, Anchor Point, Vol 5, No. 5, May 1991. PDF.

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Systemic Coaching: Coaching the Whole Person with Meta-Coaching. Hall, L. M. and P. J. Gambardella (2013), Clifton, Neuro-Semantics Publications. This book applies System Thinking to Meta-Coaching. It uses causal loop diagrams (CLDs) from System Dynamics to better understand coaching sessions in Neuro-Semantics. (For more information, use this link to the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, or go to

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