Self-leadership is the ability to “run our own brains” with a laser-like focus for a particular purpose. It is about better managing our mental and emotional states to enhance our performance to achieve the things that are meaningful and important to us.

We offer a Self-Leadership training for anyone who wants to enhance this ability for a particular activity (e.g. writing, presenting, or leading) or within a particular field or discipline. It provides the framework and experiential tools to align and focus how you will think, feel, and behave to be in high performance states, or what we call “genius” or “flow” states. 

Although the training is for professionals interested in enhancing their self-leadership skills, it is also for those who want to be certified as meta-coaches. It serves as Module II of the Meta-Coaching certification in Neuro-Semantics.

System Dynamic provides a modeling approach to understand the behavior of complex systems in the social and physical sciences. It uses system thinking, mathematical analysis, and computer simulation tools to gain insight into how systems behave over time. It contributes to policy design and analysis. This page lists my current schedule of planned workshops and presentations, and links to previous ones.

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