On his podcast Becoming a Writer Today, Bryan Collins interviewed me about prolific writing. Here is a link to the transcript and audio.

Also see: “4 Proven Strategies for Unlocking Creative Thinking” by Bryan Collins, Forbes (August 28, 2019). The strategy Bryan discussed with me for this article was how to “trigger a creative state.”

Leadership, Creativity and Innovation (November 2020)

Join Jason Schneider, Joe Brodnicki and me for our 2020 NLP trainings in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If you register for the Creativity & Innovation training by March 24, 2020, you can take the Unleashing Leadership training for free.

Unleashing Leadership (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) – $600

  • How to lead a self-actualizing a team or organization and increase your productivity
  • How to become a flexible leader in today’s rapidly changing environment
  • How to build your own personalized leadership matrix

Creativity and Innovation: Creating Innovative Solutions for Personal & Professional Success (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) – $1000

  • How to create the frames supporting being creative and innovative
  • How to take a comprehensive approach to change, allowing more effective change
  • How to take a comprehensive approach to innovation, allowing faster innovation

We have the capacity for about 10 students. With a large trainer to student ratio, there will be a lot of personalized attention and feedback. 

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I work on quantitative models of history, sociology and psychology.  See my blog for modeling stories, and my recent papers.



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