Reflections on my past and current experiences as a modeler. Trained in Mathematical Physics, Neuro-Semantics, and System Dynamics, I’ve modeled physical phenomena, satellite motion, the behavior of people, organizations, corporations, and ancient civilizations. Besides the modeling process and the models themselves, I explore the behavior of the modeler as he or she models. This includes how modelers manage their mental and emotional states to enhance their performance, i.e., exhibit self-leadership. For example, enhanced behavioral flexibility may be needed when modeling other people, or enhanced self-trust or self-efficacy when modeling in situations where you have no idea where to start.

Useful material and references for anyone who wants to model, train, or coach. This includes papers, models, mind maps, graphics, cognitive maps, and links to organizations, references and applications.

The schedule of planned workshops on modeling and self-leadership, and presentations of my work. The self-leadership workshops are for any professional, not just modelers, who want to “run their own brain” with a laser-like focus. There are also links to materials from past workshops.

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