I write about adventures in exploring and modeling the dynamics of human behavior. Modeling helps explore the unknown. Through it, we gain insights that can enrich the world, ourselves, and others.

We look for the “emerging perspectives” to help you solve your problems. And we communicate them with stories. My stories cover psychology, fitness, exercise, martial arts, and healthy aging.

A Modeler’s Life

For stories on modeling, creativity, and the martial arts, see my blog.

Pascal Gambardella, PhD .

Stories on Medium

Here is link to the concept map with access to all my Medium stories. Here are the most popular ones:

Three Keys to Improving Your Balance. Reduce falls and remain independent.

Staying Mentally Sharp Through Choreographed Movements. What makes people stay mentally sharp as they age? (October 2023).

Three Keys to Exercising as You Age. To some, I am in the “late elderly” stage of life. To me, “late” sounds like I died, “elderly” sounds like I’m frail. Although I am in my seventies, I am neither dead nor frail. (July 2023).

Governor Alarmed by Censored Ink, Stiffens His Spine (a satire). The state legislature overruled Governor Roger Dim’s veto of a vague book-banning law. The law empowered Censored Ink, the shelf-control group. (June 2023). Here is a link to my other satires.

The Dark Side of the Human Potential Movement. Personal response to “The Good Cult” podcast (February  2023).

Resources for the curious …

Psychology and Human Behavior SIG. A resource page for this Special Interest Group (SIG) of System Dynamic’s Society.

Resource Maps. Visual tools for modeling experience.

Books and Papers. Recent work.

Useful Links. Organizations, Blogs and Applications.


Strategies for Healthy and Mindful Aging

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